Wind power is one of the most advancing forms of renewable energy sources. It can be used either on commercial or private scale installations. Generally, the energy demand in developed, as well as developing countries, has rendered the wind power as necessary to cover the needs in a sustainable way. Geolympus, can provide the following services:

Management and operation

Having collaborated with established enterprises in this field, our company has the possibility to provide its customers with high-level services. Our specialized personnel is in the position to analyze all the environmental parameters of a project to fully harmonize it with the national and international laws and directions.


Infrastructure licensing

A wind farm installation, either onshore or offshore, demands a sequence of specific actions mainly on conforming to environmental terms and licensing. These administrative actions are of high importance to accelerate the procedures and give the green light for the project initiation.

Techno-economic studies

Feasibility and sustainability studies are highly connected with the identification of funding sources and planning. Techno-economic analyses are conducted in this direction by our company as well. Finally, administrative, economic and technical monitoring, are provided for the project fulfillment success.

Techno-economic analysis
Monitoring system

Monitoring systems

Infrastructures monitoring is one of the main actions that Geolympus takes very seriously. In this way, our experts work to build a strong monitoring system, firstly to avoid potential failures and secondly to provide valuable data for maintenance improvement.