Geolympus focuses on a great extent on the sector of climate change and the protection of water resources. Therefore, the protection of climate, as well as the reduction of water consumption and efficient management of it, is of great importance for us. Thus, our company in close collaboration with specialized organizations in the field could provide to your company the following services:

  • Development of an integrated plan for water management
  • E-platform / software installation for data management
  • Water sufficiency studies
  • Sensors installation for water leakage detection as well as potential issues of water pipes
  • Train and inform citizens for water management best practices

Equally important for smart cities is waste management and how efficiently they are categorized and processed. In Geolympus we consider it as an essential element for a healthy, green as well as efficient city. Thus, our services in this sector could be described from the following points:

  • Reduction of waste volume, which ends up in landfills, by introducing to the cities, innovative ways of recycling and composting
  • Installation of innovative technologies, such as sensors inside bins, which will indicate the garbage level, to improve the carriage schedule of them