The proper waste and sewage management in a city, as well as the proper way of treating them on an industrial scale, is of high importance in nowadays. In Geolympus, we consider it as one of the most intriguing issues of our times. Thus, in collaboration with established companies in the field, we are able to provide you services, like studies for the proper waste management, state of the art technologies and solutions depending on your needs. Particularly we are able to provide you the following services:

  • Transcribing your needs, with the aim to find the best possible solution, depending on the volume and type of waste
  • Sensors installation, to monitor and record multiple physicochemical parameters
  • E-platforms installation for the monitoring improvement of waste management. The aim is to highly decrease your organization’s resources consumption as well as better personnel and equipment management
  • Innovative technologies installation, in cooperation with established organizations in this field