Concerning the solar power projects, Geolympus covers the whole spectrum of the procedures before, during and after the installation of solar power systems. Particularly, these procedures include feasibility studies, engineering plans, licensing, funding opportunities, construction, and well-functioning tests. Our company seeks to dynamically enter this constantly developing market.

Our services include:

  • Planning stage: Independently of the project scale, all the plans begin with a preparatory study/investigation of the imminent construction area. Its is the most important phase of the project because it can affect every aspect of it in any other phase
  • Construction stage: The success in this stage depends on the experience of the personnel as well as the equipment and technology that will be utilized.
  • Financial services with the final aim to inform our customers regarding the most attractive funding scheme
  • Electric power buying agreements
  • Subsidizations
  • Funding flows forecasting intending to build a financial framework of the project
  • Operation and maintenance stage: Our company, in collaboration with established businesses in this field, can provide its customers services concerning the solar power systems well-operation and maintenance
  • Feasibility studies
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