One of the sectors which have great value currently is contemporary cultivation and the innovative technological solutions that are used for their development. Through these solutions, the way of cultivation and usage of natural resources has totally changed for the better. Modern methodology, such as hydroponics, precision agriculture, and vertical agriculture, in combination with robotics, artificial intelligence, and interconnectivity, are opening new horizons in agriculture. These technologies are giving the opportunity and the tools to the cultivators to monitor, manage and interfere with their agricultural fields.

Geolympus in cooperation with established companies in this field is able to give you integrated as well as innovative solutions for your farms’ management. Our primary goals are the following:

  • The considerable cost decrease for each farmer
  • The improvement of time of response for each action
  • Environmental protection through natural resources’ assurance. Particularly, the decrease in water consumption as well as decrease of fertilizers and pesticides usage
  • The preservation and improvement of soil quality
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