At geolympus, the privacy of our users is important. Below you will find our Privacy Policy, which covers all personal data shared through geolympus  and our website. The Privacy Policy applies to (the “Site”), owned and operated by geolympus. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “geolympus”).

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may update this privacy policy. If the updates have minor or any consequences, they will be valid 7 days after we publish a notice on the Site. Substantial changes will be made 30 days after our original notice was published.

Until the new Privacy Policy takes effect, you may choose not to accept it and terminate your use of the Website. Continuing to use the Website after the new Privacy Policy takes effect means that you agree to the new Privacy Policy.

Please note that if we need to adapt our Privacy Policy to new legal requirements, the new Privacy Policy will enter into force immediately or as required.

This Privacy Policy describes how geolympus collects and uses the personal information you provide throughout our Service, the options, options and rights you have in relation to the personal information we collect and contact information. of our staff on privacy.

We aim to allow you to properly understand the relevant information about your personal data rights and to ensure that you are satisfied that you handle such personal data in a fair and transparent manner.

Information Security

We and our hosting services implement systems, applications and procedures to safeguard your personal data, minimize the risk of theft, damage, data loss or unauthorized access or use of data.

These measures provide stable industrial security. However, while we make every effort to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee that the Service will be protected from any injustices, malfunctions, illegal access or other forms of abuse and abuse.

Please note that you are not obliged to give us any personal information by law. We are big fans of privacy and do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties in ways other than those described in this Privacy Policy.

Contact your data protection officer at: for more information.


When you buy a finished product, we use third-party processors.

You can also share data via links to social media sites.

The personal data you provide

Planning Process – During our planning process we will collect the data you provide about your business as well as cookies (read the “Cookies and Logs” sections for more details).

We will keep the data on our secure servers in order to customize your finished products. Some of the data you provide during the design process may be personally identifiable data.

For example, in the design process, you can enter the name of your business or product to design a logo. The data is necessary for the design process and for obtaining a finished product and / or assistance and is covered by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

During the logo design process, to access your final product, you must complete a registration form and have a non-paid account and purchase a final product and / or subscription, you must have an account.

Subscription – When you want to design or purchase a finished product and / or subscription, geolympus will require access credentials to provide you with your personalized account. In the process of registering your account, you must provide an email address and password.

We will keep the data on our secure servers to allow access to your account. After completing your registration form, you will receive a welcome email describing your new geolympus account.

Payment Processors – H geolympus can and uses third-party payment processing services named Braintree, Stripe, PayPal and Recurly (“Processing Services”) to help it process your personal payment data securely.