The rise of hydrogen economy in Europe

Hydrogen, as a form of energy, is rising again after some years of hibernation. The conformists of this technology are supporting that hydrogen will solve the problem of CO2 emissions and transportations will become green. On the other side, the disputants say that hydrogen has some serious safety risks, which can put peoples’ lives in danger.

However, in the last couple of years, many governments, scholars and organizations, like the International Energy Agency, characterize hydrogen as a promising solution for transportation. This, of course, does not only include cars but trucks, ships, and airplanes. It can also be utilized in various other sectors, like iron and steel production, as well as plastics, chemicals and many more.

Indicative for this turn is the fact that the hydrogen markets will expand to 199$ USD until 2023 from 135$ USD which was in 2018. The biggest investors for this technology are China, Japan, and South Korea. For instance, some of the biggest industries in these countries, like Kawasaki, Toyota, and Honda, are already collaborating on this new technology in order to produce hydrogen fuel cells. We are eager to see what the future will bring regarding hydrogen technology…