Hydroelectric energy is currently one of the important forms of renewable energy, with many possibilities. Moreover, this form of energy source offers and plays an important role in ensuring a clean as well as credible energy production source.

As a renewable energy source, is considered as cost-efficient. Furthermore, it is quite important to mention that hydroelectric energy fuels approximately one-fifth of global energy demand. Our company is in a position to offer you the following services:

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Environmental services

Environmental services and particularly environmental impact assessment is conducted from our specialized personnel. All the stages of the project are monitored, concerning the environmental impact, including the period after the completion of it.

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Monitoring systems

Infrastructures monitoring is considered by our company as one of the most important stages. Through this procedure, any possible failure can be predicted, providing as well valuable info for the infrastructure maintenance.

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Infrastructures licensing

A hydroelectric power plant installation, demands a sequence of actions including the administrative part and licensing. This complex procedure could be carried out by our experts before the project starts.