An ally to confront climate change – NASA

Carbom dioxide zones on earth (image credit: NASA)

Climate change and its effects upon the environment and living organisms on the earth are one of the worst fears of humanity in our days. Having in mind that 40 billion tonnes of CO2 are emitted to the atmosphere on an annual basis, it’s easy for someone to understand that the issue is getting worse every year. Numerous actions are needed to confront this issue and especially actions which will lower the CO2 emissions. Thus, the first thing towards this endeavour is to locate these areas with higher levels of CO2.

In order to monitor the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, NASA has developed and sent to space the third in a row satellite, which is called OCO-3. With OCO-3, researchers will have the opportunity to monitor and measure the CO2 levels in Earth’s atmosphere. The life of this satellite is estimated to three years. The overall concept is to quantify the sources of carbon dioxide from terrestrial or ocean ecosystems, as well as anthropogenic sources.