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Category: Renewable energy

The rise of hydrogen economy in Europe

Hydrogen, as a form of energy, is rising again after some years of hibernation. The conformists of this technology are supporting that hydrogen will solve the problem of CO2 emissions and transportations will become green. On the other side, the disputants say that hydrogen has some serious safety risks, which can put peoples’ lives in danger. However, in the last couple of years, many governments, scholars and organizations, like the International Energy Agency, characterize hydrogen as a promising solution for…

Norway brings wind power in Greece

A floating wind turbine farm is planned to be constructed in the center of the Aegean sea by the Norwegian giant Equinor. The plan is already in discussion between the Greek government and the Norwegian ambassador. The farm is planned to cover the energy demand of approximately 40.000 households. The most promising area seems to be the space between Tinos, Syros, and Mykonos. The relatively small waves and the strong winds are rendering the region ideal for this investment. The…