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Category: Climate change

Statistics speak about climate change

According to an article of Nsikan Akpan in pbs, only two countries are meeting their obligations regarding the CO2 emissions. Several scientists state that global warming is in our doorstep and that the years from 2015 until today, 2019, are the warmest in human history. The top-ten global emitters of CO2 according to a study of European Commission in 2017 are from the greatest to the lowest: China, USA, EU, India, Russia, Japan, S.Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Canada. All…

An ally to confront climate change – NASA

Climate change and its effects upon the environment and living organisms on the earth are one of the worst fears of humanity in our days. Having in mind that 40 billion tonnes of CO2 are emitted to the atmosphere on an annual basis, it’s easy for someone to understand that the issue is getting worse every year. Numerous actions are needed to confront this issue and especially actions which will lower the CO2 emissions. Thus, the first thing towards this…