Geolympus Ltd is specialized in licensing, operation and management of biogas infrastructures, which they have as a primary target the energy production. Biogas consists of various gases mixture, which is produced from the organic material disintegration in anaerobic conditions. Furthermore, it can be produced by raw materials, such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, herbal substances, sewage, organic waste from food. Biogas is considered renewable energy and, on many occasions, it only has a small carbon footprint.

Biogas, more or less consists of the following gases: 65% is methane and 35% of carbon dioxide and can make good use in feeding internal combustion engines, gas boilers for energy and heating production. One of the greatest advantages of a biogas unit is the very low (nearly zero sometimes) cost of raw materials that are used for its production and the benefits it has.

Our company is in the position to provide you the following services:

Licensing of biogas infrastructures

A biogas unit installation requires a series of particular actions in order to grant permission for the infrastructures’ construction. However, in Greece, due to lack of experience, this particular sector confronts a lot of issues.

On this particular occasion, we support our customers in the whole procedure and for all the requirements spectrum, in order to integrate each project with success.

Evaluation of investment performance

In order to achieve the maximum functioning performance, we evaluate projects much like in the economic, technological and environmental side.

Management and monitoring

The operation and management of biogas units is based on a series of entrepreneurial actions and practices, for the best possible result in a project. These actions concern the transformation of equipment, materials, and labor in such a way to maximize the profit of a biogas unit.

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