We welcome you to our site. Geolympus Ltd is a company whose seat is in Cyprus and comprises of a team of scientists and consultants coming from a variety of scientific backgrounds and thus able to offer a wide array of services connected with the geosciences as well as many other sectors. Geolympus could offer you the highest quality services, in widely diverse fields such as the smart cities, consultancy, environment, waste management, geotechnical engineering, as well as water management, related to the expertise and skills of its members.

Geolympus is also oriented towards collaborations with other SMEs, Industries, Universities, Research institutes and Public Bodies, to participate in National and European funding programs (H2020, RFCS, LIFE).

Our primary aim is to build strong and long-lasting professional relationships with our partners. Through our continuous training, updating and studies we can confront any challenge to bring to your door the best possible result.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.